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Conqueror Hapkido Best Self Defense, Best Martial Arts program

Situated in the city of Bellevue, Conqueror Hapkido offers a family friendly program that helps students develop their balance, strength, coordination, stamina and flexibility. We take great pride in providing a place of learning for students of all skill levels and ages through our range of specially developed programs that will enhance your self-defense abilities completely!

Self Defense and Martial Arts

In today’s world, self-defense is much more than just the kick, the punch or the block – it’s about compassion, attitude, awareness, and education. Our Martial Arts studio focuses on all these aspects, giving you the opportunity to learn focus and discipline while gaining a sense of accomplishment, confidence and not to mention ultimate fitness!

Martial Arts, Self Defense and safety

When you choose Conqueror Hapkido  Martial Arts and Self Defense as your primary choice, you need not to watch your wallet courtesy of our affordably priced programs, neither do you have to be concerned about your or your kid’s safety as adequate safety measures are taken to ensure no mishaps occur. We do everything in our power to bring you the best experience possible!

Experienced Instruction in all aspects of Martial Arts and Self Defense

We have a collective unit of talented and young Martial Arts and Self Defense instructors, enabling us to offer experienced and quality instruction for your development in a positive environment. Whether you are thinking about taking up one of our programs for yourself or your kid, rest assured Conqueror Hapkido will be able to reach you effectively.  The fine team of instructors have experience in various forms of Martial Arts ranging from Aikido, Boxing, Jujitsu, Judo, Hapkido, Hwarangdo, Kali, Karate, kick boxing, Kungfu, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Tangsoodo, Taekwondo, and Wrestling.

Conqueror Hapkido Martial Arts Academy Professional Training Facility

At Conqueror Hapkido, you will find a professional and clean training facility that offers the ideal environment to learn Martial Arts. There are dedicated classrooms for each one of our programs, providing you the best possible experience.

Range of Top-Quality Programs at Conqueror Hapkido Martial Arts Academy

Through our range of top-quality programs, we are able to teach you the skills and qualities required to become a true conqueror. They have been specifically developed by Master Instructor Kamara Ali, and based on the specific needs of each age group.

Why not consider taking a closer look at the programs we are offering? They are as follows:

Hapkido Little Conquerors

Self Defense for Young People

Hapkido Conquerors

Identify and Handle Dangerous Situations

Private Classes

Individual Approach for Better Learning

Self Defense Xtreme

Defending Yourself Effectively

We Work Hard to Earn Your Business!

Conqueror Hapkido provides a professional training facility, motivated and highly skilled instructors, and a range of Martial Arts programs that you will not find elsewhere. We are dedicated to helping our students, and we do so with utmost passion.

Please review our programs to get a better idea about what we are offering. Once you have finished, call us at (425) 440-9804 to get started today! We look forward to serving you, and hope that you give us the opportunity to do the same.