Hapkido Conquerors (Fitness, weight loss, self esteem)

Hapkido Conquerors takes Martial Arts to the next level.  This class is only for teenagers and adults.  For our Little Conquerors who graduate to this class, the course will strengthen the skills learnt in the previous class and help students confront physically challenging issues through an effective combination of traditional and real-world scenarios.  As such, students will learn to identify, evade and handle potentially dangerous situations with ease.
Hapkido Conquerors will be taught about pressure points (for adults only), joint locks and the use of some weapons. Wearing full sparring gear is mandatory! Sparring sessions are absolutely essential for your improvement and progress in Martial Arts – therefore, students will not be allowed to participate without them.
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Our Conquerors currently meet at 6:30 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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