Welcome to Conqueror Hapkido!

Situated in the city of Bellevue, Conqueror Hapkido offers a family friendly program that helps students develop their balance, strength, coordination, stamina and flexibility. We take great pride in providing a place of learning for students of all skill levels and ages through our range of specially developed programs that will enhance your self-defense abilities completely!

In today’s world, self-defense is much more than just the kick, the punch or the block – it’s about compassion, attitude, awareness, and education. Our Martial Arts studio focuses on all these aspects, giving you the opportunity to learn focus and discipline while gaining a sense of accomplishment, confidence and not to mention ultimate fitness!

When you choose us as your primary choice, you need not to watch your wallet courtesy of our affordably priced programs, neither do you have to be concerned about your or your kid’s safety as adequate safety measures are taken to ensure no mishaps occur. We do everything in our power to bring you the best experience possible! Read More…

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